19 October 2010

"Around the world - Chilean Hass Avocados" cookbook

Well goodness me, but that was a surprise!

We'd just got back from shopping, when there was an extremely loud hammer on the door and the dogs went bonkers, barking like mad.  I went to see if we were being raided by the police (which is what it sounded like) and there was our postman, proferring a brown cardboard box at me.  ~shrug~

Whatever could it be?  I wasn't expecting anything - and that always makes it all the more interesting.  Opening the box, there, nestled in a comfy bed of bubble wrap, was this :

"Around the world - Chilean Hass Avocados", from The Chilean Hass Avocado Cook Book Collection.  How exciting!

Now I love Avocados, as does hubby.  Son hasn't yet come around to their texture, although the flavour is okay so long as it's involved in Marie Rose sauce and prawns.  He'll get there, give him time!

Looking through the book, there are some yummy looking recipes (like Crab & Salmon Terrine with Avocado, and Lamb Chops with Pea, Mint & Avocado salad) and some recipes that appear to just involve slicing the avocado and putting it on top of, or beside, the main dish (such as Colombian Potato Soup, where the avocado is simply garnish). 

However, as often happens with any cook book, there are a couple of recipes that intrigue, such as the Avocado pie, which together with a biscuit base, lemon and lime, results in a sweet pie that looks rather like a Key Lime Pie.

So thank you, whoever sent it to me - it's very welcome and most interesting.

Now the only problem is that - at the moment, at any rate - we can't afford to buy Avocados!   Anybody want to send me some, so that I can play with the book?  LOL


  1. So not olnly is there a book dedicated to cooking with Hass avacados, there's actually a whole set?

    The only avocado based questions I've ever asked myself are "Are they on special?" and "Which ones are ripe?". I've never even consider which type of avocado to specify!!

    Hass avocados - you door of exploration was briefly opened, then quietly closed again :(

  2. Willie very kindly supplied us with three of the enormous, fat, smooth green-skinned avocados. Their name escapes me at the moment, but I know they aren't Hass avocados. Now they were sweet and delicious, but I have to admit I way prefer the Hass variety as they seem creamier in texture and richer, somehow. Anyway, The Avocado Brotherhood (http://avocadobrotherhood.blogspot.com/) are very kindly supplying us with some Hass tomorrow, so watch this space for details! :)


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