4 September 2010

Small Batch Jam : Greengage

Further to my post regarding Small Batch Jam Making, here's another flavour made the same way - Greengage.

I so rarely see Greengages available, that I was quite excited  when I found these in my local supermarket.  Of course, I had to try one before committing the remainder to the jam, so I had a little less than 400g when I began the jam.

It was made the same way - weigh the fruit after stoning, then weigh out an equivalent (or less) amount of sugar, combine in a saucepan and bubble away until done!

Surely it doesn't get much easier.

I have been wondering whether marmalade can be achieved in the same way and this demands experimentation at some point in the future!


  1. ooooO!....Wow!...mmmmM! Bagels.....!
    Lovely....BUT, can you get a decent one around here.........NO!
    Now, 'across the pond/back in the world' so to speak...YES!
    As l've said before, l'm more of a savory person, but if anything sweet is put in front of me, then, l'm into it! Don't really have the patience for making sweets. Naughty l know. BUT,
    it's nearly 7:30. Here l am with my lemon tea, two rounds of toast, and l've just opened a jar of my daughters Rhubarb and Orange jam...!
    Dated 15/7/09. Taught her everything she knows, oh! yes l did.....!
    Oh! dear, more crumbs in the keyboard.....!
    I'll be in Morrisons later, l'll look out for some greengages, might just have a go tomorrow at the jam, l'll just wear an apron front and back...He! :)
    I've friends to dinner to-day, roast turkey etc etc....AND someone gave me a pigs head yesterday, so, be into a little brawn tomorrow as well. Love to cook, you cant'beat it, and reading lovely Blogs like this, makes it ALL worth while. Ciao...Ciao..... ;0)
    More toast, me thinks.........!

  2. Morning, Willie! I have to admit that we're not great dessert people, although we do like a bit of jam on our toast. I will make a dessert to have on a Sunday after the meal, but that's as far as my dessert making goes. Largely because none of us need the calories! I like the sound of Rhubarb & Orange jam - that's a combination I hadn't considered! The good thing about this jam-making is that you can make it with any fruit you find - doesn't have to be greengages. Gosh, you've got a stronger stomach than I have, to be tussling with a pig's head! I know I'm committed to using up everything that comes my way, but I fear I'd draw the line at that. LOL Thankyou for your compliments, they make the writing all the more rewarding. :)


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