12 September 2010

New! Flavoured Bagels

Here, are the Bagel Baker's new diversion - flavoured bagels.  :)

Firstly, we have the truly magnificent and dangerously more-ish Sundried Tomato & Olive bagel ...

and secondly, we have the awesomely gorgeous (just add butter), Cinnamon & Raisin bagel.

I've got to tell you - he's getting good at this!


  1. OMG these look AMAZING! I feel a few days away from Atkins-land coming on... immediately.

  2. Well, l'm phone'in the airport, Or is it ALL round to Jenny's..... Sundried Tomato and Olive Bagal...Oh! Yes....I'm lost for words...and a lot of people would say...'Thank God for that'
    Even the photo is gooood enough to eat....! :)
    Takes me back to the world/across the pond....!
    Che Bellezza....Salute....!

  3. When the Bagel Baker had them in the oven, he emailed me to say he was sure he just saw a little Italian man at the front door, asking "had anyone seen his Momma, because he was sure he could smell-a da bread like-a da Momma used to make", LOL

  4. Wonderful.....Great....Lovely....!
    BUT....Can you change the word 'little' to BIG'
    As l'm 6ft 3in. My Mama was 4ft 3in. Oh! yes, l did happen....Born in a mix'in bowl.....!
    But Pasta my sale by date.....! God Bless....!

  5. Six foot three? Crikey! Are you sure she didn't have you stand in the rhubarb patch while she shovelled "fertilizer" onto your feet? LOL

  6. Hi, this is Mona from Jordan. I'm looking for the Recipe for the bagels especialy Sundried Tomato & Olive bagel ... please can you tell me where I can find it.
    Many thanks,

  7. Hiya Mona! The recipe for the Sundried Tomato & Olive Bagel isn't on the blog as I didn't catch it from him at the time. However, I've asked now and if you follow the recipe for the plain bagels (http://jennyeatwellsrhubarbginger.blogspot.com/2010/09/bagels.html) but at the point where you have risen the dough once, then knocked it back ready to separate out into Bagel shapes, that is when you add the sundried tomato and olives. However, you need to chop them finely (or put them through a food processor) until they are rather more like a tapenade. He said to warn you that this stage, of mixing in, gets very very messy! :) Once you've got the paste mixed in and the bagel shapes made, carry on with the recipe as for the plain bagels.

    Hope that helps! :)


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