22 September 2010

New denomination of Bagel!

Just feast your eyes on this little hoop of deliciousness ...

it's the new denomination of Bagel from the Artisan Bagel Baker (or hubby, as he's also known) - the Sundried Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper and Chorizo bagel.  Which shall also be known as "the pizza bagel", according to our son. *beam*

Think it looks delicious?  Well, it tasted even better than that.  *grin*


  1. ~raises hand excitedly~ Miss! Please Miss! I have a question!

    What's happening with the sundried tomatoes? Where they the cheaper, completely dried, packet type or the posher, still a bit squishy. deli counter type? If they were the completely dried ones, where they re-hydrated first or just put in dried?


  2. They were the squishy type - and I have to say that the Artisan Bagel Baker muttered quite a few rude words when convincing the bagel dough to accept the slippery little devils. A more accurate description of their incorporation, I shall leave to him. *grin*

    Oy, Artisan Bagel Baker - you've got a question!

  3. Who? Me? oh, right

    The tomatoes in question were a small jar of Asda sundried tomatoes in oil. As Jenny has saidm incorporating slippery stuff into dough is not an easy thing to do. I tend to make enough dough for eight bagels, four plain and four flavoured, in case some disaster befalls the flavoured batch. If I had more confidence or if I were beyond the experimental flavouring phase then I would incorporate the oily / moist ingredients into the dry flour.

    One of my next experiments will be to use dried onion flakes as a flavouring. I suspect that this will yield bagels which marry well with cheese. I may even use onion seeds as a topping! These bagels will have no wet flavourings at all and so the results should be very interesting. You'll see the results here first!


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