25 September 2010

Another butcher!

Sausages from Terry's the Butchers
I know!  We're getting carried away with butchers now.  LOL  Well, we just happened to be in the opposite end of our neck of the woods today - and right beside the award-winning Butchers, Terry's on the Ashley Road, Poole.

So, we popped in and got four of their plain pork sausages, as a comparison with Spring Fields.

As you can see from the photograph, they are of a somewhat coarser texture than Spring Fields', which is what hubby was looking for in a sausage.  They didn't smell as enticing, although they smelled jolly nice, but not mouthwatering.  They do, however, look better.

Once cooked, they have a similar saltiness with that lovely crispy skin and a very definitely coarser texture which is quite satisfying on the tongue, however, I didn't think they tasted as good as Spring Fields.  Hubby, interestingly, thought they were better than Spring Fields' both in texture and in taste!  Just shows what an individual thing, preference is.  :)

Still, Terry's Butchers make a very creditable pork sausage that I certainly wouldn't turn down!

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