22 August 2010

Wet Sunday entertainment

It's being a filthy day, today.  So bad that the poor old Bournemouth Air Festival flights are rapidly being cancelled hand over fist.  The big boys like the F-16 and the Typhoon need something like 1500ft of clear space beneath the cloud base - and currently we've got 300ft!  Not good.  So you can imagine how grey and miserable it is out there.

In here, however, it's warm and cosy with the smell of Brunch Muffins and Rhubarb & Ginger jam in the air.  Is there anything nicer (apart from going out for some delicious lunch experience somewhere), than setting to in the kitchen on a grey, wet day?  I don't think so.

Laura's home-grown eggs

My dear friend Laura gifted me with six lovely fresh eggs yesterday, from her back garden hens.  They are always such a treat, they immediately set me to thinking about what I can use them in.

Having just seen the recipe for the Brunch Muffins on UK Food Bloggers Association's site, see here, they were first on my agenda and have turned out to be a glorious muffiny treat on the tongue, perfect with a cup of coffee or, indeed, for brunch!

The rhubarb & ginger jam is episode two of my small batch jam making experiment.  The rhubarb came from the garden and is guaranteed to be good - although the erstwhile triffid that was the rhubarb patch is now starting to look more than a bit plundered.  I can't bear to think that it will stop growing soon!  I worked on a ratio of 3:1, fruit to sugar, this time.  The resulting jam is setting beautifully and tastes just gorgeously zingy.  Just the job to wake the tastebuds up in the morning.  *grin*  I can't wait to try!


  1. Ciao...Buon Giorno.....
    All round to yours for tea then.....!
    My daughter was down a couple weeks ago
    for my annual Barby.....She brought a selection
    of home made jams down, and in the box was two
    jars of rhubarb/ginger....mmmM! Lovely......
    Plus a few jars of chutney....!
    All home made....can't beat it.
    Would like to follow if that's o.k.
    Love to cook......Thanks! :0)
    A House Is Made Of Bricks And Beams...
    A Home Is made Of Love And Dreams.....!

  2. Hiya Willie! :)

    I've just had a couple of pieces of toast with my rhubarb & ginger jam on them and can confirm that it is tongue-tinglingly tasty. *grin*

    I'll have to put the recipe up for my small-batch jam making, then you can have a go at it. :) All it takes is fruit, sugar, a saucepan, a wooden spoon and about 30 mins. :)
    Perfect for someone on their own, or for the likes of us, a family that shouldn't really be eating stuff like jam, but makes a little go a long way. :)

  3. hello! thanks so much for looking at my recipe- i was wondering if anybody reads my blog at all!
    so glad you like the muffins! a great way to spend a grey day. unfortunately i spent today grey and at work :( but posting about some poached pears i made a couple of days ago. will be up soon!

    your jam sounds delicious!!

    all the best, Luci. www.mynomnomnom.blogspot.com

  4. I loved the muffins, Lucy. I took one to work with me today, as I didn't have time for breakfast before I left - so it did a fine job as a Brunch Muffin. :D


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